All there is to know about bath mirrors


The functions of a mirror and a mirror in itself are mind-blowing. What is it about mirrors that make them keep popping up in almost every bathroom? How can I get the most out of my bath mirror? Do I need to get one for myself? In this article, we shall discuss and provide answers to these questions, among others. So, here is what you should know about bath mirrors and how to get along with the trend.

Functions of Bath Mirrors

  1. It lights up the room: How is this even possible, some might ask. Placing a bath mirror near your light source in the bathroom allows light to bounce off the mirror and reflect. This reflection of light brightens up your bathroom and creates an illusion of a more spacious and bigger room.
  2. A touch of grandeur: Here is where most of the mirror magic shows up. Using a large bath mirror either above your vanity or on the wall can create grandeur that makes you want to see your bathroom even more.
  3. Art: A mirror is no painting or sculpture of its own, but it provides illusions that become a work of art. Placing a bath mirror directly opposite your bathroom window and watching it catch the rays of the sun or moonlight is quite enchanting.
  4. Extra Storage: Many times, you have to cram things up on your vanity due to a lack of space. With a mirror cabinet combination, you have extra space to keep things. You could decide to keep a first aid kit, basic makeup or makeup remover, and so much more in your mirror cabinet.
  5. Proper Hygiene: Your bath mirror is that one thing you always consult. Whenever there is something stuck between your teeth, you have to shave, shape your brows with tweezers, groom your hair, and many others you would need a mirror.

Things to consider before getting a bath mirror

  1. Cost: Several factors determine the cost of bath mirrors. Such factors include the quality of the glass, quality/material of frame, craftsmanship, the size and weight of the mirror, e.t.c.
  2. Size of the mirror
  3. Color of the frame. The color of the frame you choose plays a role in the brightening features of the mirror. A bold color works best when you are looking for that brightening effect of a mirror.
  4. The style of your bathroom: In choosing your Miroir Salle de Bain, you should put your bathroom style into consideration. Mirror frames differ in style as they can either be antique, vintage, traditional, or modern.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your bath mirror

  1. For visual impact, you need a large mirror over your vanity.
  2. Although small bath mirrors are good, full-length mirrors are even better.
  3. Install your bath mirror behind light fixtures or across a window.


Bath mirrors are not trending for no reason. You could do much more than fix your makeup with your bath mirror, and it could be that touch of art you need for your bathroom decor. With their several uses, bath mirrors are a must-have.

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