How to Fix Leaky Garden Hose Reels At Home


It is ok if you have already made a wrong buy regarding the type of hose and hose reel for your garden. It is a little too late for contemplating now.

You may be already having some technical problems with your equipment. Is your hose reel leaking? Time to put those screws in their screw holes. Time to get work.

It is important to keep in mind that the technical difficulty you are dealing with may not be a leak in your hose reel.

It could be that you are experiencing some other issues. Issues like a broken part, or busted connectors. whatever the case, the experts should determine the problem.

Getting Prepared

what technical problem you are experiencing? The first thing you want to do is go out and buy a garden hose fixing kit.

You need to evaluate and give conclusions about what you think the problem is. Evaluation will require troubleshooting the equipment and trying to figure out what the problem could be.

Making Changes/Replacing Parts

You could also go through the equipment manual and find out the missing or faulty parts. If there are parts that are broken, you should get to change them.

Whatever parts you get to change, make sure that parts are the same specifications and that you are using the right tools.

What If It Is a Leak?

If you have made sure that the technical problem that you are experiencing is a leak, what is the way forward? With your repair kit by your side, you need to get some other needed items.

Needed Items

  • A wrench
  • New washers
  • Silicon tape

Step 1

Find where out where the leakage is. A good way to start is by loosening all tightly coiled parts of the hose. Might be a struggle but you will figure it out.

Look carefully all around the reel parts and the inner hose conductors too. After finding where the leak is coming from, you can now proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Leaks are usually around the connectors. So, you need to put tape around the connector. Self-fusing silicon tape does the job.

Step 3

Change the washer. That washer is always a suspect in crimes like this. Just to be sure, replace the washer. Washers can easily get damaged, so it’s a safer choice.

When shopping for a washer, do not forget to buy a rubber washer. They have proven to be the most long-lasting.

Step 4

The fittings might have loosened. You should tighten all fittings. You should also take another look at the inner connectors and the connectors from your water source.


A technique to preventing repair problems and the inconvenience that comes with is to buy a garden reel of high quality.

You should also coat the washer with silicone grease before installation. It is best to do this when you are setting the equipment.

Remember to drain the water from your hose before the winter comes. This will prevent the freezing of the hose in winter.

If you are not sure of what to do when you experience a technical problem, please contact your manufacturer.

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