Regular Garden Hose vs. Heavy Duty Garden Hose


Garden Hoses are classified based on different criteria. It could be the hose reel length which is usually less or greater than 130ft. Other criteria for classifying hoses include color, strength, and models. Although a hose can come in different colors and strengths, they are all generally classified as regular garden hoses or heavy-duty garden hoses.

Regular Garden Hose

A regular garden hose is the one you usually see in your neighbor’s garden or lawn. They are manufactured with soft plastic or synthetic rubber and are often reinforced with a web of different materials to make them stronger. They are more flexible, lightweight, and convenient to use.

They are not designed to be very long or to handle certain demanding tasks. Therefore, small-scale gardeners and homeowners go for this type of garden hose.

Heavy-duty Garden Hose

Heavy-duty garden hoses are made to handle the most rigorous professional tasks. They are designed to withstand high water pressure, supplying a high quantity of water to a vast area.

Heavy-duty hoses are multi-purpose. They serve a variety of demands such as rinsing dirt off your deck, splashing away debris from your worksite, and watering your garden hose, etc.

Modified versions of heavy-duty hose weigh less than the traditional ones. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also smaller in size and so they wouldn’t take up much storage space.

Generally, heavy-duty hoses are manufactured to still maintain their flexibility, strength, and shape during unfavorable conditions.

People whose jobs require this type of hose include; Contractors, Commercial agriculturists, landscapers, and serious DIY professionals. They usually make use of this type of garden hose because of the demanding nature of their jobs.

The Difference between Regular Garden Hose and Heavy-duty Garden Hose

Heavy-duty hoses are designed to have thick walls. They are made to be very sturdy. This is to make them withstand high water pressure when supplying an enormous amount of water.

They possess special qualities that make them resilient to damage even when left under harsh conditions such as extreme cold and heat. This is very much unlike the regular hoses that can kink and crack at any time especially when exposed to harsh weather.

More so, heavy-duty garden hoses are usually made with materials that allow them to convey hot water without sustaining any damage. This is not the case with regular garden hoses that are generally susceptible to damage if they are made to convey hot water for a long time.

Also, heavy-duty garden hoses are longer. Some of them are as long as 130ft. The regular garden hose is relatively shorter, some of them measure as little as 50ft. Therefore a regular garden hose is easier to store and operate.

Heavy-duty hoses are mostly used for industrial purposes. Hence they are most popular among Contractors, Commercial agriculturists, landscapers, and DIY professionals


To buy a regular garden hose or a heavy-duty garden hose all depends on your watering task. If you are a contractor, a commercial gardener, or a landscaper, you should do for the heavy-duty hose. Otherwise, you can do with the regular ones.

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