4 trending bathroom vanities designs for 2020

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bathroom vanity

Thanks to renovation specialists, bathroom vanities have gradually transformed from the old-style designs to modern-day vanities. They give homeowners the chance to turn bathrooms into personal yet magical spaces.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, then the item on top of your list should be fitting bathroom vanities. If your bathroom does not have a vanity now is the time to install it, but if it has, then it will be nice to give a revamp.

To help you with that, here are some of the top trending 2020 bathroom vanities designs

Floating Vanity Design

When it comes to modern vanity designs, floating vanity is surely the one that will never disappoint. It’s quite an exquisite design that works well with small spaces.

Imagine installing big bathroom vanities in your small bathroom. It will leave you with minimal walking space and make your small bathroom look even smaller. However, floating vanities create that illusion that your bathroom still has so much space.

The design does not take up much space. What’s more, the floating design is quite affordable since it does not require a huge installation budget especially if you make it from timber or metal frames.

Double Sink Vanity Design

If you are not worried about budget expenses and you need an extravagant look and feel, then double sink vanity design is the best option.

The design features two sinks on either side with each half of the vanity being similar. It is appropriate for large families that share a single bathroom space.

Depending on what you want, you can choose to have the double sink vanities in one free-flowing unit or have them independent of each other with a few inches of space separating the units but still connected in some sense.

 This design works well with large bathroom spaces, but you can still fit in in your small bathroom if you plan well.

Dark Vanity Design

Do dark colour shades excite you? Well, if that is so then bathroom vanity designed in dark colours will surely work for you.

Dark vanity is very popular today since it is more modern and stylish. This laid-back design comes in different colours including black, dark purple, jungle green, and navy blue.

However, it is imperative to ensure that your overall bathroom theme has light tones of colour shades. This is because dark colour shades are usually heavy and can give your bathroom a less lively feel.

Minimalist Vanity

Do extra space and less stuff excite you? Probably you have a minimalist mentality.

A minimalist vanity is an outstanding design because it quite simple and one you can afford even on a tight budget in terms of installation and maintenance cost.

It is the best option if you have a small space with no intention of expanding it and you want your bathroom items to be out of the picture.

For your storage needs, you can decide to go for inbuilt wall storage cabinets that will fit in with the wall when you close them up or countertop drawers. A minimalist vanity boasts of clean details and sleek simple lines. Furthermore, the design fits in well with any theme so long as you stick to the rules.

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