What Can Smart Wall Power Sockets Do?

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Every smart home should have a smart wall power socket known as smart plugs, smart outlets, or smart sockets. Many homeowners start out with this smart home product first since it can turn any device plugged into it to a smart device.

Smart wall power sockets can function independently, so you do not have to always monitor it and keep an eye on it. In fact, you can even forget that you are using it. There are no huge adjustments that need to be done.

What are smart sockets, and what can they do?

These smart sockets are like adapters, and they come in various sizes and shapes. These smart sockets are plugged into a regular wall power outlet. They can turn any device that you plug into the smart socket into a smart device that you can control with your smart home app.

It is very easy to use – all you have to do is plug it in your regular sockets and then ply in the device that you want to control into the smart wall power socket.

Once plugged in, the smart socket will connect to the app on your smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also choose to be connected through Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless technologies if you do not want your smart home devices to use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

From there, you can now control whatever device is plugged into your smart wall power socket. You can now set up IFTTT (If This Then That) scenes that can automate devices. For example, If the clock strikes 6 PM, the lamp plugged into the smart socket automatically turns on.

How to Use Smart Plugs

There are hundreds of possible uses for smart plugs. You can get creative and find ways to lessen your power consumption too.

For instance, some devices and appliances consume huge amounts of power – even if they are turned off. You can cut off the power source of the plug, and this can lower your energy consumption.

You can also use a smart wall power socket to improve your charging habits. Some people often charge their devices and gadgets overnight. This could lead to overcharging and can affect your device or gadget system and lifespan in the long run. When you observe how long it takes to charge your device, you can set a timer on the app, and the socket will automatically cut off the power right after.

Basically, its primary function is to prevent you from consuming unnecessary energy and to automate whatever device is plugged into it.

If you are a homeowner who wants to start investing in a smart home automation system, you should start off with a smart wall power socket. You can also use this to simply lower your energy consumption and make sure that you can afford your power bills each month. Either way, having smart outlets all over your home is one great way to make life easier and save money!

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