What to Look for in a Back Sleeping Pillow

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Back sleeping is considered to be a healthy sleeping option. However, a lot of people get it wrong. When choosing the best pillow for back sleepers, you should pay attention to firmness, cooling properties, and materials.

Firmness and Loft

Unlike stomach sleepers, back sleepers do not have to be concerned much about loft and firmness. You should note that side sleepers and stomach sleepers ought to abide by certain rules to maintain the correct posture. Back sleepers have the freedom to enjoy different firmness and loft options. Remember that when using a pillow, the most important aspect is natural spine alignment.

It is advisable to take time and try different bamboo pillows to find the support and comfort you want. For instance, if you want a flat-back position, then you should choose a low-lofted pillow. Others choose some level of elevation. Ideally, pillows with a medium level of firmness and loft offer balanced support needed by back sleepers. The medium firmness can help align the spine and relieve pressure. You should note that the purpose of the pillow is to promote correct spinal alignment and healthy posture.

If you are not sure about the level of firmness and loft, you should choose a pillow with adjustable fill. The idea of manipulating the pillow’s fill allows you to customize its firmness and loft to suit your sleeping experience.


Although there are different materials used to make pillows, it is advisable to choose those made of bamboo memory foam. Remember that each material has its unique features and advantages. These are some of the materials used to make a back sleeping pillow.

Memory Foam

Most people are in love with memory foam. That is because it provides contouring support, moldable feel, and air circulation. However, it does not have a tendency to trap the heat, but different bedding brands have other features such as cooling pads.


The good thing about latex is that it is a natural, sustainable material obtained from rubber trees. This material offers a quick response and bouncy feel to pressure.

Down Alternative

These pillows provide a fluffy and soft feel that is suitable for back sleepers. You should note that down is obtained from bird feathers, but down-alternative is synthetically manufactured. Thus, if you are a defender of animal rights, this is the right material to use.

Cooling and Breathability

It is advisable to buy a back sleeping pillow with excellent breathability and cooling features. In this way, it can help keep the body comfy and cool, so you can fall asleep quickly. Therefore, you should explore different options to find one that suits your needs. You can even find pillows infused with graphite or copper to expel heat from the body.

When looking for the best back sleeping pillow, you are likely to be overwhelmed with lots of choices. For instance, there are different materials to consider, varying price ranges, and loft. Therefore, there is a need to carry out extensive research to find what suits your needs. Also, if you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, you should consider getting a pillow that solves your problem.

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