Where to Use the Electric Pressure Washer Hose

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The thought of making use of pressure washers to get rid of dirt and grime is pretty tempting. Just about every single person on the planet who knows how to use the pressure washers loves them. The thought of using them is pretty convenient. Want to know something even more convenient? The act of actually using the pressure washer to get rid of a stubborn stain is simply satisfying. But should the electric pressure washer be used on any solid surface?

A lot of people would reply with a “no” to the question that was asked earlier. They would be a hundred percent right. However, the dilemma lies in where exactly the limit is. What and what would be appropriate for pressure washing?

This article will consider the surfaces that cause the most dilemma among customers. This means that all possible surfaces might not be covered. But from the surfaces that will be considered, a pattern might be found. So a person could use the surfaces we will consider as a sort of yardstick.

Surfaces to Use Electric Pressure Washer Hose Reels

1. Decks

 The use of electric pressure washer hose reels in handling decks and front porches is in no way inappropriate. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most ideal uses. Going down on all fours and fastidiously scrubbing is effective. However, using the pressure washer provides a degree of assistance that cannot be neglected.

For those with wood decks that have reservations, relax. Those made from hardwoods can hold up against the pressure of the pressure washer hose just fine. They are also generally okay for use against pressure-treated woods. An example of pressure-treated wood is the southern yellow pine. However, remember that pressure-treated woods are mostly softwoods by nature. So do not hold the nozzle too close to the surface of the wood.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Some deck surfaces simply require light cleaning to become good as new. The newer deck surfaces are mostly resistant to stain in the first place.

2. Driveways and Concrete Walkways

These are also key or major locations for using pressure washers. Properly cleaning a driveway is nothing short of an extreme chore. And for such chores, a piece of relatively extreme equipment is needed. In this case, the electric pressure washer hose plays the role of extreme equipment. Getting oily and grease stains off the driveway floor is not easy.

With the pressure washer, getting rid of these seemingly tough stains becomes a walk in the park. For those with finer nozzles, removing tough stains is even easier. This is what makes this pressure washer efficient n driveways and concrete walkways. Because really, what are these surfaces if not hubs for tough stains.


With these two surfaces as examples, the message should be quite clear for all. The pressure washer is more suited for “unbending” surfaces. These are surfaces that are or were built to handle serious pressure. As for any other surface, steer clear. If one has a tough time deciding if a surface is too fragile to endure the hose, simply stop. Better safe than sorry. One could also contact us for our page.

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